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Without worrying about recruiting, training, managing, and worrying about
your sales team performing.

We Build World Class Sales Teams

Predictably grow your revenue & profit within 3 simple steps:

Build Your Foundations

We'll audit your sales process and make tweaks so you can turn cold leads into high-paying clients. 

Many of the people we speak to don't have a sales process that sells to a cold audience. They rely on selling only the hottest of leads, which we both know isn't scaleable.  

Scale Your Sales Floor 

To scale to the 'Big-Leagues' you must have the right sales people on your team that perform consistently.

We'll do all the recruiting, onboarding, and ramping of new sales people. We hire people based on your traffic source, funnel, and industry. No longer are you hiring mediocre sales representatives. 

Management & Systems

Now all you have to focus on is generating leads and fulfilling for your new clients.

Our team will handle all the management, tracking, and payroll. Instead of managing dozens of sales representatives, you can stay in your zone of genius.

Case Studies

We Helped BudgetDog scale to $400k+/month and Get Out of Sales

Before: Brennan came to us with no internal sales team, he was outsourcing his closing team to a sales agency (VERY expensive.) He wanted to get his setters to perform but he couldn't get them up to KPI and stay at the company longer than a few months.

Process: We analyzed his setting process and where things were falling short. There was no team structure in place, follow ups weren't being completed, and there was no internal communication between the setters and external closers. 

Results: Brennan was able to scale past $400k/month and build a sales team of 8. Setters on his team are able to book over 100 meetings per month and the sales team closes over 35% as a whole.

We Helped Olivia Scale "Career Evolved" to $100k MRR and Build Her Dream Sales Team

Before: Olivia was already a successful entrepreneur before coming to us. She was struggling with lead flow and she was stuck taking all the sales calls. She was already at $45,000 a month but wanted more.

Process: As soon as we had our first onboarding call we knew what levers we had to pull. We had to build her sales team and get more appointments on the calendar. We place 2 appointment setters within her company and recruited 3 sales representatives to close meetings for her. Along with this, we implemented our CRM sequences and automations in place to make sure no lead is left untouched.

Results: Olivia was able to obtain 8.77X ROAS, meaning she turned $1 into $8! She was also able to scale past $100,000 MRR and is well on her way to multiple 6-figure months.

Olivia 124k Month SS png
Screenshot 2023-02-01 at 2 39 01 PM png

We Helped Sam Build an Appointment- Setting Team and Generate $70,000+ in Pipeline

Before: Sam came to us from some of our YouTube content talking about outbound sales and booking appointments. He was able to grow Legal Funnel to 7-figures but he was heavily reliant on ads. He knew that he was leaving money on the table by not using outbound sales channels.

Process: We helped Sam and his appointment setting team create prospecting scripts to both cold and inbound leads. Since he is in the legal space we had to use hyper-personalized messaging to ensure that his prospects aren't getting spammed or irritated at his outreach. To further boost his outbound efforts, we ramped one of Sam's appointment setters that was placed within his business.

Results: Sam's setter booked $70,000 in pipeline and generated an extra $10,000+ in sales. We were able to replicate these results across the rest of his setting team and he was able to go on and get his fourth 2-Comma-Club Award.

Sam 2cc jpeg

We Helped Fynn DOUBLE his Revenue From $50k/M By Refining His Outbound Sales Process

Before: Fynn came to us after running his business for a few months. He was able to scale quickly, but he wanted more. Up until working with us Fynn's entire business was ran off of referrals and inbound leads. He wanted to scale to $1,000,000/month and he knew outbound needed to be a part of his scaling plan.

Process: Due to Fynn having a good reputation in his space he was generating dozens of inbound leads, he just didn't know how to convert them. After our onboarding call we helped him create his discovery call and sales call scripts along with implementing a CRM to track leads. After gaining confidence in his sales abilities we began to run outbound email campaigns for his company.

Results: Within 2 weeks of working with us Fynn was able to close $50,000 in new business. He went to Colombia to continue focusing on his business and was able to close $75,000 in a "Slow month" and has 4 deals in his pipeline that will close for over $100,000!

Screenshot 2023-02-01 at 10 33 04 AM png
Screenshot 2023-02-01 at 3 17 01 PM png

We Helped Duno Launch a New Offer & Close a $35,000 in Less Than 30 Days 

Before: Duno came to us during a stage of slow growth with his consulting business. He went through a similar cycle as many do - joining program after program just for coaches to overpromise and underdeliver. He needed to generate revenue and he was working 12 hour days with no visible progress.

Process: As soon as we started working with Duno we knew that he had to get out of his current space. He was trying to solve a problem that the market did not deem valuable. We helped him pivot his offer and market it to his audience that he gained on Instagram and TikTok. As soon as we launched this new offer he started scaling.

Results: Within 30 days of launching this offer Duno closed $35,000 from his outbound campaigns and he now has 5+ meetings on his calendar every single day. Now we are helping him build his sales team to delegate him out of sales calls so he can focus on delivering life-changing results for his clients.

Image 3-6-23 at 4 05 PM jpg
Duno Test jpg

Results You Can Expect

Here are the most common results our clients achieve

  • Performing Sales Team: Our clients get to utilize our sales training & ramping playbook to get new sales hires from 0->KPI as fast as possible. No longer is your team stuck closing 15%instead of 30%.
  • Recruiting Abundance: We source and vet sales representative FOR you before you even have an interview with them. Then we will help you build a talent acquisition system to get highly-qualified applicants wanting to work within your company. No longer are you hiring "C-Players."
  • Streamlined Sales Process: We install our follow-up and lead nurturing system within your business so your sales process is a machine instead of a mystery. No-longer will you be missing leads, struggling to have them show up, or wonder where your next deal is coming from.
  • Sales Leadership: After hiring, you will be off of sales calls, now it is time to become a CEO & leader. You'll be focused on making sure your team is performing and systems are working. Daily team meetings, performance tracking, end-of-day reports. You need to be able to make data-driven decisions, this is what ALL the "Heavy hitters" know.
  • Scaleable Foundations: Prior to working with us, many of our clients fulfillment and business is too complex. 1 funnel turned into 3, packages have too large of scope, we help you create a foundation that allows your sales team to thrive.
  • Increase Your Top-Line Revenue: It's not unusual for our clients to to boost their revenue by 50% and even 100% within a few months of working with us. We'll help you identify and remove any bottlenecks holding you back from scaling whether it is 6,7, or even 8 figures.

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